Moving forward always

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    Moving forward always

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    Moving forward always

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Walking with Nexsoft

Nexsoft is a company specializing in IT Solutions. Nexsoft was established by a group of Solution Consultants, Deploying & Training Consultants in field of Information Technology. Our main products are advanced world’s leading Management Solutions which help to save cost and improve competitive value chain of enterprises.

We absolutely believe that IT is an indispensable tool of an enterprise in 21st century. N.O.II supposes that an ideal market is a market where competion exists, and the competition will be obviously fiercer in the age of globalization. That is why every enterpriser needs an intensive IT Solutions to support its resources management most efficiently, helps to improve competitiveness and have a steady step for the future.

Do you have the same point of view as Nexsoft? It’s our pleasure to accompany you to share our Nexsoft value.

  • Listen to the needs of every enterprise, counsel for resources management
  • Choose the right solution to meet the needs of existing businesses and the expanding in the future
  • Deploying method is suitable to existing resources and business
  • Keep stable, updated, upgraded on the systems after deployment

Nexsoft is working with most energy and passion to bring success to our clients. You will not waste any cent to pay for products and services of N.O.II. And our Nexsoft’s greatest reward is our client’s belief.


NexSoft provide the solution and the following software products: B24 NexSoft ERP - system enterprise resource planning, NexSoft iBusiness - business management system focused, NexSoft POS - system management of retail chains, distribution pipes and accessories plastic pipe industry, Steel distribution, Pharmaceutical distribution.

Nexsoft honor to introduce a number of loyal customers and typically have been with for over 10 years Nexsoft development.